About Us

Patrick Benske


Patrick got into the trading world just like many others. Someone introduced him and promised the world. Fairly quickly, he realized that it’s not like how many people tend to advertise it. Instead, it takes real hard work and trusting the process. That’s when Patrick took the matter into his own hands, studying endless until he found his edge in the market. He’s got a great amount of perseverance to achieve his goals & the optimistic, planned approach in things he does, is what drives Patrick to his success.

Besides Forex Trading, Patrick enjoys creating things, educating people and spending time with his family. He is also heavily involved in Cryptocurrencies.

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Fabian Benske


Fabian is a well established individual who strives for perfection in everything he does. It goes without saying that he knows his way around the foreign exchange market. He got started with a need to achieve financial freedom which led him to learn Forex. After going through multiple mentorships, he wasn’t finding what he’s looking for and started studying the charts like they are his blueprint. After a lot of trial and error he found his edge and mastered the market in his own unique way.

Besides Forex Trading, Fabian enjoys spending time with his family and playing music.

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Our goal is to take a struggling trader and turn them into a consistent, profitable trader and change the way they look at the market. Now that is easier said than done. 

Every person has it’s own personality and character, that’s why it’s so important to offer a customized and tailored mentorship program that isn’t a one size fits all. We were personally struggling to find the education that suits our needs but we were left hanging dry, with no mentorship that we really needed. The so-called gurus who were supposed to guide us through this journey either vanished or didn’t hold up to their words.

We took the matter into our own hands and started digging up content on our own, spending countless hours on charts, taking apart every little pattern in the market. After a lot of studying and hard work, we found our edge in the market and things started to escalate from there pretty quickly. 

We are now on a mission to take what we learned, translate it into simple language for you to learn and make you a profitable trader.

You will become part of a community that cares about their clients. With a “no man left behind” attitude, we ensure that each & every one of our students gets the attention that they seek. But please note, this won’t be easy. Trading is extremely hard. But we are here to help.

Find Yourself And Trade That WayPatrick Benske

Our Core Values

We Foster Education

We Pursue Excellence

We Practice Honesty

We Create Fun

About Our Process

Direct Communication

  • 01

    We are always available on our messaging platform. You have direct access to the mentors 24/7.

  • 02

    Besides being available via text messages, we are also available for phone calls whenever we can put time in our schedule to help you move forward.

  • 03

    We have a group full of great traders who are always open to helping out and sharing their own experiences and knowledge.

  • 04

    We offer two 1:1 sessions/month where we go through a more deeper call to go through charts or work in the simulator.


  • 01

    We do our best to check-in with all our students to keep on top of their progression and help them move forward in trading.

  • 02

    We use a modern scheduling system so you can seamlessly schedule time in our calendars for your 1:1 or phone calls.

  • 03

    Besides the individual check-ins, we also do weekly check-in calls with the whole group to make sure everyone is on the same page and is ready to propel.

  • 04

    Individual check-ins are repeated until you become profitable. After that, check-ins are only done when necessary based on the situation.

Ongoing Mentorship

  • 01

    We track your performance through the check-ins and make sure we stay in touch throughout or ongoing relationship.

  • 02

    Send in your journal and let us review your trades to find new opportunities and improve your trading.

  • 03

    Once a student always a student. You become part of a family that grows and learns together.