Learn How To Scalp The Forex Market.

Learn How To Trade the forex market profitable and Consistent.

What We Offer

We provide trading guidance & mentorship to make you a consistent and profitable forex trader.

1 On 1 Guidance

Our students are seeing a high success rate because we mentor them through the process of becoming a profitable trader. We offer personal 1:1 mentorship designed to help you become a profitable trader, achieve your goals, change your life and shape you into the person you would like to be.

Training Videos

We have developed videos that will teach you the art of price action, psychology and how to become a profitable trader. Our training is done step by step, no clutter. This includes recorded and live webinars, recorded 1:1 sessions & more.

Exclusive Community

Join our knowledge packed community where we share ideas, go over trades, share setups and become part of a family where everyone works together to achieve their goals.

Keeping It Simple

No complicated strategies or systems that waste your time + money. We trade price action and try to keep it simple. Forex isn’t easy but we try our best to make it easy to understand and learn.

Forex Simulator

Receive access to one of the industries leading trading simulators that will allow you to practice at a much faster pace without risking any money until you are ready to do so.

Trade For A Fund

Once you become a consistent and profitable trader, you have the opportunity to trade for a hedge fund to take your trading to a next level.

Our Process

The process we follow for every student going from applying on the website all the way to becoming a profitable trader.

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    1. Apply On Our Website

    Every prospective student needs to apply on our website.

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    2. Review & Interview

    After reviewing your application we will get in touch with you to have a quick chat about your forex journey and get to know each other better.

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    3. Your First One On One

    Once accepted, we schedule your very first 1:1 to introduce ourselves, figure out where you are at with your trading and get you started on the best foot forward.

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    4. Getting Started

    You are given access to all of the content, group chat and first homework. From there we get to work and start putting together a trading plan.

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    5. Progress

    We get on consistent phone calls, chats or video calls to make sure you are progressing in your trading and to answer any questions.

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    6. Repeat

    We repeat step 4 and 5 until you are consistent + profitable. Join our live webinars to educate yourself, engage with the other students and ask questions when help is needed.

Our Story

Why we do what we do and how you can take part in it.

Do you feel like every group you join you don’t learn anything that actually works? You are getting sold a dream but don’t see yourself achieving anything of it?

We’ve experienced the same on our journey. When we started trading in the foreign exchange market, nobody told us how many countless of hours we will spend studying charts, having sleep fewer nights, controlling our emotions and finding our own strategy.

After trial and error, we found out there is no exact system or strategy in Forex. We quickly learned that market structure, good money and risk management is the way to become a profitable trader. After implementing that and learning price action, our whole trading game has changed.

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